Excursions in the area

Path of the Tamazol in Caldonazzo

The Dosso Tamazol its a beautiful and panoramic point that overlooks the view of Valsugana and the Caldonazzo lake.Reaching it from Caldonazzo with the unexpected and daring route is a nice surprise, at least as much as the panoramic and ...[...]

Acropark creek Centa

Located just minutes from the Martinelli farm, following the road to Caldonazzo, we found acropark Rio Centa, an attraction dedicated to adventure lovers, equipped trails suitable for Junior and Senior [...]

The 60 km of Vigolana

The Plateau area has a set of trails where you can enjoy excursions on foot, by bike, and on horseback that connect the main areas of the Vigolana.... [...]

Sperrwerk Gschwent Belvedere

Located at 15km from Agritur Martinelli we found sperrwerk Belvedere, was designed by the Lieutenant of the Army Corps of Engineers Eng. Rudolf Schneider and built between 1908 and 1912, on a limestone headland (1177m above sea level)... [...]

Lake Caldonazzo

In Valsugana, not far from Agritur Martinelli, there is a lake much appreciated in summer by those who cannot wait to take a plunge: the water temperature of Lake Caldonazzo, ranging from 20° to 24°C...[...]

Pathway Filadonna

La Vigolana, one of the mountains that surrounds the city of Trento, together with Bondone and Marzola, it's one of the most scenic peaks in the area with the 2,150 meters of the rocky spur of the Becco di Filadonna... [...]

Refuge Casarota

Overlooking the valley of the Centa and the Valsugana, dominates the plateau of Lavarone and Vezzene. the shelter is a convenient point of support for all the routes and crossings on the Vigolana... [...]

Cornetto di Folgaria

Splendid panoramic view over the Valle dell'Adige and the Valsugana. The return partially covers the route of a now abandoned downhill slope [...]

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